We exsit to fulfill
“last wish” of elders
by providing peace

through our services.

We’re hiring Care Workers

“Last wish” of most elders is
to keep living with peace at their home
where they are used to live.

We exist to fulfill their desire.

We are not tied to the limit of “care work.”
We have tried our best to feel the way they feel
and to do what we can do to fulfill their wish.

Technologies and AI?
No matter how the technologies advance
people alone can provide peace and joy
to their daily lives.

In order to make it possible,
we need more people to work with us.

If you sympathize with our thoughts,
and if you are willing to work with us
please join our team.

Let us open the door
to the brighter future of care work.

Work in Japan as care worker student

Are you looking for an opportunity
to study abroad as a “Care Worker Student”
and eventually to work fulltime here in Japan?

But are you worrying about your finance?

Here’s good news for you!

We provide “Foreign Student Loan Plan”
to minimize your financial burden.

For more detail, click the button below.


Advantages of Working at Shalom

Many foreign workers
from different countries.

Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bolivia. We have accepted more than 15 foreign workers from many different countries. We embrace diversity to build effective team. Many of them came to Japan as students. And they keep growing in language ability and as a careworker. Why not consider working with us?

Have no experience?
Don’t worry!

Even if you don’t any experiences or qualifications, you don’t need to worry. We will support you and teach you the work of caregivers. We also provide various opportunity to learn and get training. Students workers started working with us without any experience of care work. But after few years, they became essential workers of the team!

Let your light shine
as Yourself.

We have variety of people working with us. All diffrerent age groups from teens to thier seventies. Those who are experienced and new to care work. Everyone has different pathways. You will surely be able to find suitable place and career for yourself. And you will be able to let your light shine as you bring out the best in yourself!
Our Facilities

Hareruya 1 gokan(Sakai-shi, Naka-ku)

Hareruya 2 gokan(Sakai-shi, Naka-ku)

Hareruya 3 gokan(Sakai-shi, Kita-ku)

Hareruya 4 gokan(Sakai-shi, Sakai-ku)

Hareruya 5 gokan(Sakai-shi, Nishi-ku)

Hareruya 6 gokan(Sakai-shi, Sakai-ku)

Voices from Student Workers from Overseas
H. C.
from Philippines (Oct. 2019~)

If you are looking for an opportunity to study and to work in Japan, I would highly recommend that you consider choosing Shalom Company.

Shalom provides many opportunities and supports working students like me. While studying at school, they give us a part-time job so that I can meet my daily needs and I can also support my family in the Philippines. For your better future, grab the opportunity to work in Japan!

C. A.
from Philippines (Oct. 2019~)

In my 3 years of experience at Shalom Company, I really love and enjoy working here! It’s not about just the good salary they give, but the best thing here is that they treat us like a family. All the staffs here are friendly, kind and willing to help. 

Careworker is not an easy job especially for foreighners because of language barriers at the beginnig. But only if you are willing to learn and love this job, I’m sure you can make it.

I. D.
from Philippines (Nov. 2019~)

There is a good leadership team and friendly staffs who are willing to support us as we work here. It is not easy to work as a caregiver. I sometime struggle with stress and worries. But at the same time I know that it is a challenging job where I can grow more.

Staffs at Shalom are always willing teach us the work in caregiving so that we can grow to be a better caregives in the future.

Comments from thier Managers
The Chief Manager of Hareruya 3 gokan

We have 3 foreign student workers at Hareruya 3 goukan. After 3 years of study and training they have become valuable staffs here.

All of Japanese staffs respect their hospitality and compassion to the elders. We can rely on them without worries in giving care to elders. They always show kindness and politeness. I often feel that we also have so much to learn from them.

The Asistant Manager of Hareruya 1 gokan

I’m very impressed with their hard work while studying Japanese language and schooling to Caregiver Training School. I can see that they are doing their best everyday. We respect their diligence!

We consider them as invaluable staffs in our team. I hope they will continue to work with us and expect more people like them to join our team in the future!

What is “Shalom?”

“Shalom” is a biblical word which means “peace.” We want to serve elders in a way that they feel peace in their daily life. This is our vision since our company started in 2000.

We started the service with 4 family members. Now we grew to more than 600 staffs after 20 years. We desire to provide peace not only to elders but also to our workers. This is our unchanging vision.

Job Description

Care Worker / Fulltime

Job Category

Care Workers in Private Residential Home Facilities


You will be working as a care worker in Private Residential Home Facilities(住宅型有料老人ホーム)

– assist physical needs of elders (eating, bathing, changing clothes, bathroom…etc)
– prepare and conduct recreational activities
– accompany and assist elders when they go out (for taking a walk or go shopping…etc)
– clean the facility, do laundry

※ We use iPad for inputting all the care records and reports.



[Hareruya 1 Goukan]   Sakai City, Naka-ku, Doto-cho 2044-60

[Hareruya 2 Goukan]   Sakai City, Naka-ku, Hirai 533-1

[Hareruya 3 Goukan]   Sakai City, Kita-ku, Higashiasakayama-cho 2-334

[Hareruya 4 Goukan]   Sakai City, Sakai-ku, Imaike-cho 2-6-22

[Hareruya 5 Goukan]   Sakai City, Nishi-ku, Uenoshiba Mukougaoka-cho 6-6-16

[Hareruya 6 Goukan]   Sakai City, Sakai-ku, Daisen-Nakamachi 7-12


You must have one of the below:
– Professional Care Worker (Kaigo Fukushi-shi)
– Shoninsha-Kenshu (Care Induction Course)


Not required.

Academic Background

Not required.

Work Hour

– Shift work for a ~ d. (4~6 night shifts/month).

 a. 8:45~17:45 (1h break time)
 b. 7:00~16:00 (1h break time)
 c. 10:00~22:00 (1h break time)
 d. Night shift 16:30 ~ 9:30 (the following day) (3h break time)

-Average over time work:  5 hours/month


– Five-day week system

– 111 days of holidays annually (including 7 days of special leave)


229,000 yen 〜 294,000 yen

※Subject to change according to the numbers of time you work on night shift, early shift, and Sunday shift. 

Example of Payment Details

[Sample of average salary for Kaigo Fukushi-shi]
・Base Salary:180000
・Qualification allowance:15000(applied only to Kaigo Fukushi-shi)
・Night shift allowance:45000(@7500× 6 times)
・Adjustment allowance:10000(applied to those who work more than 4 night shift)
・Sunday shift:9000(@3000×3 times)
・Early shift:5000(@1000×5 times)
・Working ratio:30000
   Total:294,000 yen


– Qualification allowance: 15,000 yen (Kaigo Fukushi-shi)
– Night shift: 7,500 yen/time
– Morning Shift(7:00~16:00): 1,000 yen/time
– Sunday Shift: 3,000 yen/time
– Working ratio: ~40,000 yen/month
– Adjustment allowance: 10,000 yen/month (more than 4 night shift)

– New Year’s Day (+100%UP)

– Year end and New-year work Allowance: 12/30~31, 1/2~3 (+50%UP)


– 7 days of special leave
– Commuting allowance ~25,000 yen/month (upper limit)
– Single parent allowance: 10,000 yen for 1st child;  after second child 5,000 yen/child
– Retirement plan (selective system)

– Bonus (on the basis of your performance)
※In 2021, full time Care Workers received the bonus 3 times and average amount was 300,000 yen in 3 times total.


Care Worker / Part-time


Highly preferred to have one of the below:
– Professional Care Worker (Kaigo Fukushi-shi)
– Shoninsha-Kenshu (Care Induction Course)

Even if you don’t have any of these, don’t worry. We still have a place for you to work with us!

Work Hour

3-8 hours between 7:00~22:00 by shift work

Hourly Wage

◎1,160 yen / hour (Kaigo Fukushi-shi)
 ※1075 yen/hour for 3 months of trial duration

◎1,110 yen / hour (Shoninsha-Kenshu)
 ※1025 yen/hour for 3 months of trial duration

1,025 yen / hour (for those who haven’t completed Shoninsha-Kenshu)


*Allowances applied only for those who have completed Shonisha-Kenshu

– Saturday/Holiday: +50 yen/hour, Sunday +100 yen/hour

– New Year’s Day (2,135 yen/hour)

– Year end and New-year work Allowance 12/30~31, 1/2~3 (1,608 yen/hour)

– Small token of appreciation (occasional)
※In 2021, part time Care Workers received the bonus 2 times and average amount was 50,000 yen in 2 times total.


– Commuting allowance ~10,000 yen/month (upper limit)
– Uniform provided
– Various training programs are provided. Support system for gaining qualifications
– Paid leave provided. *Provision by the Labor Standards Law


Building Your Careers
キャリアアップ 未来を描く

We have a support system for those who are
willing to acquire qualifications and pursue their careers.

We have career consultants in our company.
We offer interviews and suggestions for your career as we hear from you.

We have staffs from teens to seventies.
We have unexperienced and experienced.
You will be able to find a suitable entrance to Care Work Industry
and pursue your careers as you desire to.

Job Application Form


    Preferred Workplace

    Job Type

    Preferred Date for Job Interview 1

    Preferred Date for Job Interview 2

    Preferred Date for Job Interview 3

    ※If you have specific time that you want to take job interview, please write it down below.

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    We exist to help elderly people
    to continue living peacefully in the community
    which they are accustomed till the last day.


    We will create a pleasant society
    where we can share joy, peace and hope
    with every person we meet at Shalom.